Secretary’s report 2012

2012 was yet again a busy year for Longcauseway Church. At the start of the year we knew that at the end of July our minister the Revd. John Jenkinson would be retiring. So, the preparations began; not only to give John a good retirement weekend but to give him the space to wind down and relieve him of the responsibilities at Longcauseway and in SPACE. We were, thankfully, greatly assisted by the Ministry Team of the Revds. Alison Termie, Mark Robinson and Sue Macbeth, our Interim Minister. The Revd. Peter Bates, our Methodist Minister, giving us 25% of his time, was also due to move to another pastorate in the summer as well. All change at Longcauseway!

In 2011 the SPACE Leadership team had been set up; firstly as the Vacancy group, steering the installation of Mark Robinson into the SPACE Team and then more formally as a Leadership team with 2 representatives from each of the five churches. Longcauseway Representatives are Alan Long and Philip Wetherill with me as the SPACE Secretary. It has been an exciting time since then and into 2012 as we seek our way forward as a group of churches, working together for God’s work and purpose. Sue Macbeth conducted a series of meetings with the churches asking us what our mission was and what we needed in terms of ministry to fulfil this once John had retired and we were in a vacancy. Consequently the SPACE profile was written and that, with the individual church profiles was sent to Synod for approval and then to the Moderators’ Meeting in February 2013. We are hopeful our prayers will be answered and we will be giving the Call to a new minister in the not too distant future.

In September we welcomed our Methodist minister the Revd. Judith Satchell to Longcauseway and to the Morley and North Kirklees Circuit. We hope she is settling into her new pastorate of Longcauseway, Westborough and Thornhill: We are certainly very pleased to have her ministering to us and already feel she is a part of the fellowship.

As you will see from the front page we now have a Mission Statement which we, as a church will visit often to work on fulfilling its purpose.

Membership at Longcauseway stands at 132 with 96 URC members and 36 Methodist members. We have unfortunately lost through death a number of faithful members and two members who have moved away from the church.

On a more cheerful note we have celebrated four baptisms and hope to be able to support the Christian nurture of these children as they grow.

The Church has engaged in the project Vision2020 through 2012 and our mission has been based on two of the statements:

In ten years’ time every local church will be able to say who they are, what they do and why they do it. We have groups looking at welcome in the church, our prayer life and in how we gain confidence in what we believe.

In ten years’ time we will be a growing church with an increasing membership. This ties in with the above statement as the meetings we held with the congregation agreed that we need to grow spiritually as well as in numbers.

Lent and Advent studies were held during 2012 but they were poorly attended.

There are currently three House Groups at Longcauseway. It is hoped that a group will consider the future for them; hopefully to increase the number of those participating.

During 2012 the Pastoral Care Team became a very important part of the life of Longcauseway with a Pastoral Coordinator, Margaret Hanson, appointed. This is working very well; the team, including our ministers are doing their best to deliver meaningful pastoral care to all the congregation. All pastoral concerns are passed to Margaret who makes sure the information is given to the appropriate person.

Our publicity has gathered pace during 2012 and not only do we have an excellent magazine but now a Longcauseway website:

but as I write Michael Whitehead is experimenting with Twitter


and Face Book.

We are getting out there into the modern world.

Robert Thurman does a great job with our Festival posters; Harry Paylor working his magic with the photocopier to blow an A4 up to a large poster size.

Pam Hall continues to inform the local newspaper about our activities.

As you will read from the reports we continue to be an active and busy church. Our social life gives a welcome interlude in our busy lives.

The future is up to us, as we work for the Glory of God in this place. If we ALL pull together we can grow, each of us taking some responsibility. We need prayer to discern God’s will for our future. This is something all of us can do.

Your leadership Team are doing their best for Longcauseway but are thankful that so many of the fellowship are joining them to work out the future of the Church.

Sally Speight (Secretary) ®
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