We held five main meetings in 2012. We have lost two members during the year ; Dorothy Fox and Raymond Fox and we thank them for their involvement and work over the years. We have welcomed Bill Beattie and look forward to Paul Goulden joining us after his holidays. We thanks Patrick Evans and Alan Long for their help at various times. Once again we haven’t had any major projects of work , but nevertheless we have had a busy year with work inside and outside the building. The amount of paperwork seems to be increasing.

Clerical Tasks.

Fire Risk assessment                                                                                                                       Health and Safety Policy

Inside Work.

Painting, updating signage, notice boards, ventilation in the kitchen, pump controls, hall floor problems and general repair.

External Work.

Garden upkeep, replacement of cellar covers, painting back gates, stone work repairs and diverting water from the cellar.

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