Ladies Fellowship

At our first meeting in 2012 we presented cheques for £1425.00 each to Kirkwood Hospice   and the Motor Neurone Disease Assn., this money had been raised at our various fundraising events during 2011.  In 2012 Kirkwood Hospice was celebrating its 25th birthday and also launching an appeal to create a new bed area and upgrade other facilities at an estimated cost of £2.500.00.00 and so we decided that the money we raised during 2012 would also be given to the Hospice.

We held four fundraising days on Saturdays during the year, including a table-top sale in September.

We also took a stall on the Friday 2nd Hand Market in Dewsbury, and our final event was serving tea, coffee and juice when the Olympic torch passed through Dewsbury town centre.

As well as our fundraising we continue to meet on the 1st Monday of each month when we have welcomed several members of the Longcauseway church family to speak to us as well as outside speakers. 

Two meetings which we always look forward to each year are the September buffet lunch, which includes entertainment by our members, and the Christmas lunch at Ossett Community Centre when we enjoyed music and stories from Keith Horner.

Unfortunately during 2012 a number of our longest serving members have become unable to attend our meetings – we miss their contribution and send our thanks to them for their hard work over very many years. 

We are always happy to welcome anyone who would like to come along and join us at one of our meetings and find out what we do.

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