Vestibule Staffing

Organising the staffing of the vestibule becomes very difficult when so many of us are doing more than one job in the Church, but those on duty are convinced of its worth.   All sorts of people come in from all sorts of places, both near and far, and this can be clearly seen from the two maps on boards to the right side of the pulpit if viewed from the pews.   Please look.

The needs of the visitors are very different - some just want to look at the church, some want to get out of the cold.   Others want to pray for various things or situations.   Some just need a person to talk to, not necessarily about Christianity, but perhaps because we are the only people they would speak to in the whole day. The Church's thanks are due to those who spare time to carry out

this important opportunity to meet and talk with those who come through our doors for whatever reason.  

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