Churches Together in Dewsbury


The membership is 14 churches, and most of them have been represented at Leadership meetings.  We had 5 meetings in 2012.   We joined together for worship during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, in May, organised by the Youth Group, and in September, when we heard about the work of Release International. 

The Cross of Witness outside Longcauseway Church was a focal point during Holy Week, but the week of witness in the D shop exceeded all our expectations with 1938 people visiting and joining in the various activities.  

CARE Dewsbury has continued to grow in clients attending.   The volunteers continue to give their time and much more, and the churches continue to support with donations of food, clothes and toiletries.  Sainsbury’s supply bread and cakes each Monday and Thursday.   Margaret Paylor is a faithful volunteer and Harry has joined her recently in the work of CARE Dewsbury.

The young people showed God’s love again by their ‘Lend a Hand’ Day in Dewsbury Moor, and had fun at the same time, and their hard work and dedication was greatly appreciated by the residents.

The ‘Not Ashamed’ Day, Operation Christmas Child, D shop, Christian Aid Week, Dewsbury-on-Sea, Youth Events, CARE Dewsbury, Branch FM Christian Radio, St John Fisher Catholic High School re-enactment of the Crucifixion and the Live Crib and the Open Air Services in the Market Place have all borne powerful testimony to the Christian Community’s positive attitude to working together to show God’s love in Dewsbury.

On Ash Wednesday the West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council and local church leaders will meet on the steps of Dewsbury Town Hall, to read a statement prepared to recommit to obeying the commandment of Jesus to love our neighbours, at the place where the English Defence League met last summer.


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