Longcauseway Church Leaders Serving at Communion – 2015 

January 25th February 15th March 15th  
Keith Horner Steve Gooder
John Hall
Alan Long
Jennifer Day Sally Speight
Sally Speight
Ruth Palmer
Rachel Wetherill
Carol Marsh Malcolm Jones Philip Wetherill
April 5th May 17th June 21st
Harry Paylor Ruth Palmer Alan Long
Jennifer Day Philip Wetherill Michael Littlewood
Paul Goulden
Rachel Wetherill
Margaret Hanson
Malcolm Jones Robert Thurman
Carol Marsh
July 19th August 16th September 20th
Jo Hartley
Steve Gooder
Pam Hall
Margaret Paylor Ruth Palmer Michael Littlewood
Sally Speight Margaret Hanson Keith Horner
Malcolm Jones Paul Goulden
Harry Paylor
October 18th November 15th December 13th
Carol Marsh Jo Hartley Paul Goulden
Ruth Palmer Alan Long Sally Speight
Margaret Paylor
Jennifer day
Robert Thurman
Malcolm Jones
David Hall

Margaret Hanson 


Longcauseway Church Leaders Serving at Communion – 2015

Thank you for your continued support in serving communion during worship. If your name appears in A BOX you are requested to prepare the prayer of intercession, or arrange for someone to do this in your place. Please also bring the bread and ensure there is one whole piece for the minister to break.


If you are unable to make the dates allocated, please swap with another Leader / Elder note on the Vestry copy and inform Ruth Palmer.


Thank you

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