Dear all,

Beyond the Soundbite has been developed during the past year at Huddersfield Mission to allow people in Kirklees to explore in more depth issues which affect our lives.  Our latest project is around the theme of food poverty, and is being supported by a Kirklees Inter-faith grant.

You will no doubt be aware of the huge impact which food poverty is having upon people in Kirklees, as in other parts of the country.  Two debates are taking place at the beginning of July to allow you to discuss the reality of food poverty which you are seeing in your area and to consider ways of addressing some of the deeper, underlying issues which are giving rise to food poverty. 

The title of the debates will be “Ethics of the Food Parcel: What is the Best Response for Kirklees?” Events are being held as follows:


10.30 am Tuesday 1 July

Huddersfield Mission (Lord Street)


7.30 pm Thursday 3 July

Dewsbury Town Hall


You are welcome to attend one or both events and I would be grateful if you could pass on this information to anyone you think may be interested.  We would love to involve as many people as possible in these important discussions.

Following the debates we will be releasing a DVD featuring interviews with people managing two food banks in Kirklees as well as the stories of people who have had cause to turn to a food bank in Kirklees.  The DVD will also include resources to help you and organisations with which you are involved to engage in discussions about the issue of food poverty in Kirklees.

We hope that the debates and the DVD resource will help us to address the impact of food poverty on the people of Kirklees as we share together.

Best wishes,

Stephen Day (Rev.) ®
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