Winter 2016 - Spring 2015


On Sunday 20th November 2016 a ‘stand’ of Lapwings were flying and flapping over the ASDA in Dewsbury, must have been about 50 birds.  On time in this area, mid November.

Near where I live is a Whitebeam tree. By mid October it is full and loaded with berries.  A feeding station for the birds.  Wood pigeons, starlings, blue and great tits, bull finches, thrushes and redwings.  Between them they had stripped the tree in four weeks.

January “what winter” in and around Dewsbury?  No heavy snowfalls, no blizzards.  No digging out cars or clearing foot paths, no sledging or skiing.  Just cold and dull like a November day.  No clear night skies when you can see the constellations, the North Star Orion passes the Aandromida.

Just about Christmas time the mosses and lichen come into bloom.  The slate roof a Longcauseway side look out of the window you can get a good view of moss and lichen on the slate and brick work.  Both these “growth” are a good sign of clean air.

The tree flowers  start to bloom November onwards: gorse, Japanese almond, forsythia, cherry blossom early March and the ground plants.  The bulbs:  Cold foot, spearwort, dasies.

April look out for the Swallow Martins and Swifts early teens in the area depending on the winds.  Then the Walbers Finches.

The most interesting thing is a very rare plant.  It is growing at the base of a lamp post outside the Dewsbury Police Station by the main road.  It is a reed “spyress Pundular” only one other in the Calder valley.  It has been dormant for the last 200 years.

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