….ramshackle Christian church 

So the Daily Mail described a church in a tent in a migrant camp in Calais. Well I have news for them:

Jesus is worshipped in many ramshackle places world-wide;

Even in Britain many church communities use buildings that are neglected or falling down, the only difference being they are often pseudo-gothic;

Many denominations in Britain could be described as ramshackle in that they are decrepit and going to rack and ruin;

Others have been found to be unsafe in the recent past, particularly in relation to their care of children and other vulnerable people;

Plenty have ramshackle theology in the sense that it is shaky or neglected;

But most of all let me remind you that Jesus was born in a ramshackle place, carried out his ministry in houses without roofs, and rose from a tomb without a door.

Jesus, ramshackle saviour,

Shake us up so that our neglected faith

in your ability to transform us and our communities

from the disintegrating and run down

people and places we have too often become

may tumble us together with the poor

so that resilient at last we may share justly

and begin to truly build your kindom

on the ruins of our own crumbling contentment.


Janet Lees: 10.08.2015

Ramshackle: a place, particularly a house, in a state of severe disrepair.

Kindom:  a word indicating a God-orientated gender equal community.


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