Bread making Master Class Saturday 28th June 2014


What a fantastic evening we spent at Longcauseway Church, in fellowship, making bread. The tables were moved to form a horseshoe shape and 21 Bread-makers (and I mean human not machines!) ranging in age from 9 to nigh on 80, stood behind the tables and watched our Tutor, Sally Speight, show us how to mix the flour, butter, yeast, salt and water to make a stiff dough which we kneaded for a good 5 minutes or so then left to ‘prove’.

Whilst ‘proving’ we enjoyed a wonderful bowl of Chilli and crackers prepared by Dave Hartley with help from Abel Whitehead and William Hartley. There were 7 non-bread-makers who joined us for Supper.

 Then we ‘knocked back ‘ the dough and cut it into 12 portions which Sally then showed us how to shape, there was the traditional bread bun, plaits, twist, knots and a mini cottage loaf as well as each bread-makers’ own shapes which may have included a snowman by Joseph.

 The last time Joan Howgate made bread was during the miners strike! She told me, but I think she very much enjoyed having a go again after all those years!

Time for a well earned cuppa whilst Dave entertained us with a few little known, very amusing and quite possibly not true facts upon the subject of Bread.  Then the bread was baked in batches ready for us to share on Sunday morning with some for Pilots to take to Ravensthorpe URC on Sunday 6th July and loaves to be shared at Alison’s last communion!

 A busy but wonderful evening and Pilots are very grateful to Sally and Geoff for their exceptional organisational skills and getting all the ingredients, weighing them out and preparing the room.

Jo Hartley

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