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Good afternoon
We are writing to you as you are on the mailing list of Damaris Trust which was recently closed by its Trustees due to insolvency.
An introduction
We acquired the assets of Damaris Trust when it went into administration earlier this year. Initially some people were concerned that the assets of the charity would be lost. The purpose of this email is to assure you that they are being used for good and that the charitable purposes of Damaris Trust continue to be served through a new organisation. We, the Directors of Vox Caritas Ltd, have many years of experience in leading charities and related organisations. In particular, Mark Markiewicz was the National Director for YWAM, Tim Waldron was the Chairman of the YMCA and Steve Cross has developed technical solutions for TearFund and many other charities. We are also pleased to have taken Steve Alexander, Judy May (Archer) and Sophie Lister into employment. The staff of Damaris Trust were obviously disappointed when it closed and it is such a pleasure to enable some of them to continue their work.
The assets of Damaris Trust included the resources that Nick and Carol Pollard had developed for Schools and Churches. We were pleased to gift these assets back to the Pollards so that they can continue their work in those areas. Nick and Carol have their own website at www.nickandcarolpollard.org. If you would like to keep in contact with them then we encourage you to visit their website and sign up to receive their email updates. We wish Nick and Carol all the best in their work and we have done all we can to enable them in this new season. With the Pollards we have agreed to publish a public statement which you can read on the Vox Caritas website
The future of Damaris Media
The Damaris film resources for community groups continue to be developed and we are really pleased that Judy May, who worked for Damaris Trust, has returned to lead this initiative. Judy brings a wealth of expertise and relationships with the film companies in the UK and was involved in the creation of many of the former Damaris Trust resources. She is joined by a creative team of writers, some of whom worked for Damaris Trust, and we have also added our Los Angeles representative, Marc Whitmore, to the team to liaise with film companies in Hollywood. Seewww.damarismedia.com
We also work as CharityOffice which is a company that provides back office and fundraising support to charities. We are pleased to be using the former Damaris Trust offices to support and help many charities who are making a difference around the world. We feel that using the assets we have bought to help other charities is good stewardship of the resources that many people invested in when it was the Damaris Trust offices. See www.charityoffice.org
We would love to keep in contact with you and let you know how these initiatives develop and hope that you will enjoy journeying with us. If you would rather not hear from us then please feel free to use the "unsubscribe from this list" link at the bottom of the email and we will remove all of your details from our records.
If you have any questions then please do email us at   or call any of us on 02380235342 at your convenience.
Yours sincerely,
Mark, Tim and Steve
Mark Markiewicz | Tim Waldron | Stephen Cross

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