Go Dewsbury: Revd Mark Robinson and Revd Kathy Robertson have met Bruce Bird who is leading a new initiative that he believes will help transform Dewsbury from a problem area to a beacon of hope.  He hopes to bring Faith groups, community groups, the council and others together to promote and revitalise Dewsbury.  The leaders voted to support this.

I reported on the Muslim group Kumon Y’all, a local community organisation that brings together people from different backgrounds, in order to increase understanding and positive interaction across cultural and religious differences.  They have an overall goal of peace and harmony between us all.  The group are holding a football match on 16th July between vicars and imams.  Last year they held a football match and a cricket match, which were very successful, and the young men and women of Kumon Y’all served drinks and food.   The group helped people clean up after the floods in Cumbria, Calderdale and Mirfield.  They held an event in Mirfield on 5th March with the theme Love Thy Neighbour, talking to local  people.


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