The United Reformed Church celebrates its 40th anniversary on Friday 5 October. Roberta Rominger, the URC's general secretary lists 15 things to celebrate about the URC at 40. Can you list more? What's your favourite thing about the URC?

 1.We are a community constantly seeking the will of the Spirit, constantly seeking to grow in faith and understanding, full of wonderful people.

2.We believe in God's open welcome to all and strive to live what we believe.

3.We are free to craft worship as we feel led. Across the theological spectrum, our worship is regularly uplifting and challenging.

4.Our little Church has produced a wealth of fantastic hymn writers.

5.Our historical roots are inspiring. Lots of amazing stories to challenge us to be courageous and faithful.

6. We believe in the ministry of the whole people of God - women and men, old and young, lay and ordained, across the theological spectrum and many places of origin.

7.That's why we have Resource Centres for Learning catering for everybody instead of colleges that just train ministers.

8.Other churches are jealous of our Children's Assembly.

9.Ministers are called to churches. Very different from being appointed. Equality of stipend means that we give equal value to a wide range of callings.

10.We've been ordaining women for 95 years now.

11.Local churches also serve their communities with energy and vision. Through Vision2020 we all have ownership of all the excellent work others are doing.

12.Special category ministers show our commitment to mission beyond our local churches.

13.We still hold the ecumenical vision in our three nations and work hard to make it a reality.

14.Internationally, our passion is for genuine mutuality. Belonging to the World Church embodies this.

15.Commitment for Life has enabled powerful support for Christian Aid.

 (Check out the full list of 40 of Mrs Rominger's favourite things in the October issue of REFORM.)

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