I am delighted to bring you our latest newsletter and impact report of how God has used Branch FM to 'Change lives for good by the power of His Word' over the last few months. We thank God for you and your unwavering prayer and financial support and it's because of your ongoing commitment, that any of this was made possible.

As spring arrives, we prepare for new growth and fruit to come forth as God's Word reaches out to His people and significantly impacts upon their lives.

These are some recent examples sent in to the station:

Sunita a born again Christian and former Hindu  ' God is wonderful, happy to tune into station today for first time and oh Lord so blessed’

Peter ' I came across your station just by chance late this evening, I never found true Christianity until I heard your program this evening'

Brian ' I am at home in Leicester listening to your station for the first time, great choice of music and inspiring features'

Alex ' Hi listening in, proud of you all, keep up the good work'

Since our last update we have had 2 work placement students with us from local schools, 4 students from Huddersfield University and a local young unemployed man working with us doing various projects. We also have a young student down under at Brisbane University doing some work for us in Australia! Isn't that just fantastic these young people working on and hearing The Word each day they are with us at the station and how that seed has be sown in their lives and who knows the impact that will have upon them, well God does doesn't He.

We have also trained up another 4 people on the use of the broadcasting equipment, presenting skills and from this group one has joined the presenting team of volunteers which was good to see.

A regular interview team is now in place who deals with all the stations many interviews that are conducted each week via the telephone, on location or in the studio which is blessing to us all. Those interviews go out on the various shows and include some super personal testimonies from people from all walks of life telling of how God’s love and grace has changed their lives forever.

We also meet on a monthly basis with Wendy who is the area representative for 'the Persecuted Church' and keeps us informed on local, national and international issues that need highlighting on air for prayer and information and complements our Global Gospel programme which also brings to our attention these important issues.

Mission work from our local churches was covered through various programmes and interviews with the teams visiting Tanzania, Cambodia and Nepal to do God's work with many miraculous things taking place which was shared with our listeners. This was a great opportunity to broadcast how God worked through them as they stepped out in faith to respond to The Lord's calling on their lives.

To compliment the various teaching ministries aired by the station we have partnered up with the Keswick Convention and are now broadcasting on the lunchtime show the various speakers from Keswick 2013 with their refreshing teaching on a wide range of topics from the Bible. If you've not caught them yet try tuning in at lunchtime between 12 noon and 2 pm, you'll be blessed.

Finally our open air anniversary live broadcast from Dewsbury town centre in November was a great success, allowing us the opportunity to be seen and heard sharing God's love through word and music which impacted upon the many lives of people passing by and listening in. It was great to see the many shoppers and visitors to Dewsbury blessed by what we were doing and we will be looking to do more of these events in the future where possible.

It's our calling to work together to connect as many people to listen through the radio and hear God's Word across our communities, allowing 'His life changing Word' to speak for itself after a person receives it!

Thank you so much for helping to bring new life to our towns and cities not only this spring but over the last 6 years you have supported us.

Blessings from all the team at Branch FM.

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