I was recently reading about the great missionary work that Yorkshire born Hudson Taylor did over in China and am pleased to say we shall soon be interviewing someone to talk about his life and work. God also showed us that our mission field is right here in Dewsbury through the work we are doing with Branch FM and not all people are called to travel around the world but we are all called to be on the mission field where ever we are!

We have also been well involved with the local churches recent outreach and mission work through Christian Help Ministries International in the Philippines,   the Anglican work in Tanzania, Elim’s continued work over in Cambodia and Charis Bible College in Montenegro. Wow what great work we have being done through our local Churches and fellowships and we shall continue to highlight this and support them keeping you updated on their progress through regular features and broadcasts.

Talking of interviews, the studio and telephones have not stopped recently and we seem to have seen and spoken with so many Christians and Christian organisations from all over the country and world, which are now hearing about Branch FM and its work. Organisations such as:

Open Doors, Dewsbury Matters, Women of Faith, Lifewords, Biblica, Eurovision, Billy Graham, worship leaders from surrounding churches and International Ministries, novelists and singing artists such as former DC Talk lead Kevin Max, ex Newsboys Peter Furler, Johnny Diaz, Holly Star, Citizen Way, Phillipa Hanna and Rend Collective to mention just a few. Word keeps spreading about Branch FM and people want to connect with us on a regular basis and see what is happening here at Dewsbury, praise God.

Our work with young people continues to grow and we have recently seen the Huddersfield University students who have been working with us at the station finish their degrees and move on ready to seek careers within their various professions. We will continue to pray for each of them and that the seed of God’s Word planted in their lives  whilst at Branch FM will grow over the months and that they will make that personal decision and give their lives to the Lord.

Isn’t it great that when one door closes the Lord opens another and He is leading another new group of students and volunteers into His fold as we have already got new people ready to work with us over the coming months? God is so faithful when we are doing His work and He continues to show us the fruit that is coming from this mission work on a daily basis which is so encouraging to everyone involved.

Just after publishing our last spring newsletter we introduced some extra life changing broadcasts which included excellent teaching of God’s Word from various speakers at the Keswick Convention and Souls Survivor meetings. This really was a blow to the ‘enemy’ who responded big time hitting back through the station’s finances! Does it ring a bell with what has happened in your own life at some stage? Yes it was from that time that we saw the regular giving to the station decline which had not been experienced before. A typical strategy of the devil trying to sow doubt and despondency to everyone involved with BFM.

Well it has just had the opposite effect with the team responding with more committed prayer in all that we do and taking the fight to him by broadcasting even more of the Word through some great teachings by David Pawson on the book of Revelation.

Yes we are in need of extra money coming into the station to keep us running every day and we are seeking ways of which to do that through various means and we ask that you pray into this situation with us. However we know that God is the source of all our needs and He will provide as it is His Radio Station and Ministry. We are called to stand in faith trusting in Him and receiving His blessings that are shed upon us each and every day. Jesus said that to follow Him would not be easy and the path narrow but all we have to do is keep or eyes fixed upon King Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. 

We invite you to continue and stand with us in daily prayer remembering that one can chase a thousand but two ten thousand and we are so excited at what He is doing through this work and that you are also a part of it.

Every blessing from all the team at Branch FM. ®
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