The Choir Annual Bowls Competition

The warm and sunny afternoon of 2nd August was the ideal weather for the Longcauseway Choir’s Annual Bowling Competition held in Earlsheaton Park.

Reigning champions, Malcolm and Sally were paired together again. After a very pleasant lunch they were almost ready for the defence of their title. Malcolm’s warm up was somewhat laboured and he really needed a nap to recover! Sally was more enthusiastic and took instruction from a local bowler: (It would appear she is a slow learner.) Their first opponents were Geoff and Margaret; Geoff had calmed his nerves with an extra portion Kath’s sherry trifle which seemed to work as with Margaret’s steady influence they won a close fought match.

John, (who also won the competition for sartorial elegance,) with his partner Lyndsey were victorious over David and new girl Marilyn. The other pairing was Keith and Ian. Despite Ian’s best efforts, Keith seemed to be under the impression that the aim of the game was to send the bowl as far away from the Jack as possible. He did triumph, however with his delicious iced orange cake enjoyed by all.

The final this year was between Geoff and Margaret and John and Lyndsey. An exciting match followed, not appreciated by all, as strangely, Malcom seemed to have dozed off again! Geoff and Margaret took a commanding lead at first but were overtaken by their opponents in the later stages with a score of 9 to 8, the winners needing 11points. The influence of the sherry had worn off for Geoff as he appeared to be seeing straight at last and put two bowls near to the Jack. Margaret also made a late surge with her last bowl to score three on the last end to win the match and the trophy 11-9. (Sorry if you have nodded off as well with all this detail! Geoff wanted an accurate record of their famous win.)

Our thanks go to Kath for organising a very enjoyable afternoon. ®
Mostly Sunny
RealFeel®: 9°C
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