The week before the Mini-Market is always an anxious time, watching the weather forecasts, as a fine day makes such a difference to the outcome, and decisions have to be made about whether we can set up the stalls outside or inside.   By Friday we were confident the sun would shine this year. Tony and I arrived at 8 o’clock to find the construction team already setting up the trestle tables and the Tombola, and upstairs, the sandwich-making team was already at work. I must pay tribute to Alan Long who willingly took on the job of encouraging and cajoling people to sign up to help for a few hours or  as long as they were able.   It’s not an easy job when everyone is busy and their time is precious, but having enough helpers ensures that everyone can have a break when necessary. In the hall we had a new/nearly stall, cake stall and refreshments.   Outside we had plants, bric-a-brac, books, toys, a Tombola and a stationery stall.  Everyone worked together as a team and had an enjoyable, though tiring day.  At the end of the day, a new team appeared to clear up and put the tables away, and to sweep the floors upstairs. The total raised on Saturday was £1,222.00, and after the trifle and remaining cakes were sold on Sunday, the final total was £1,260.00, a really wonderful amount! I don’t want to single out people by name in case I miss anyone, but thank you ALL on behalf of Christian Aid for all your hard work on Saturday, whatever you did, baking, setting up, manning stalls, serving food and drinks, clearing up and counting money, not forgetting those who came on Friday to sort out the items for sale.   Thank you too to members of Dewsbury Baptist Church and Dewsbury Minster who also helped on the day.

Dare I mention that the Mini-Market in 2015 will be 16th May??!!


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