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Hi!and welcome to the Rams Chaplaincy Newsletter. What a buzz of expectancy there is around the ground amongst players and supporters alike as the new season gets under way. As I write this newsletter we look forward to entertaining Sheffield on `black Friday’ Friday the 13th to be followed the day after by Valentine’s Day. One wonders just how much `brotherly love’ will be shown on Friday, but we do hope and pray that whilst it may be a physically hard and well fought match that friendships and the true camaraderie of rugby will prevail after the match.

Speaking of rivalry and camaraderie I was at the Regional Chaplaincy Conference at Bradford Bulls the other week and enjoyed a bit of playful ribbing with Baz (Chaplain at the Eagles) as well as Antonio (Featherstone Rovers) and several other rugby league chaplains and Derek Ventress (Chaplain of the arch rivals Batley Bulldogs) really did go the extra mile in running me home after the meeting. 

Sports Chaplaincy UK now has over 300 chaplains in an ever increasing array of sports including Motor Sports, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Triathlon, Horse Racing, Disabled Sports, Rugby Union and Rugby League. Rugby League has chaplains in every Super-League Club, most Championship 1 and some Championship 2 clubs and is seeking to expand further into all championship and amateur clubs too.

The role of Chaplain is definitely not that of a preacher, but that of one willing to draw alongside and to try to help, whatever the problem may be. We may not necessarily be able to solve the problem, but `know someone that can’ – prayer is vital in our role as Chaplains!

We would welcome the opportunity of visiting your church, club, organization and tell you more about the work of Sports Chaplaincy.

The Rams have had a great pre-season with terrific wins against both Salford City Reds and London Broncos with the Second Team getting off to a terrific home debut against Oxford and winning 40 points to 18. What impressed me; however, was the tremendous support from one of the Oxford supporters for his team, he never ceased to cheer on and encourage his side throughout the whole of the 80 minutes or so of the game. Encouragement means an awful lot to a player whilst criticism, particularly if unjust, can really hurt and sometimes smash down a player’s confidence.

We reiterate our thoughts from our last newsletter and as that you consider those who have picked up long-term, career threatening injuries. The battle to get back to fitness is not just physical, but also a mental and psychological struggle. To receive a text or email, have a word or two of encouragement and knowthat there are people really rooting for them means an awful lot.Simply to talk to someone and open up instead of bottling up all the pent up stress can make a vast difference both on and off the field. Players, coaching staff, management and supporters etc. anyone can speak with us in confidentiality – we pledge we will listen and try to help wherever possible.

And again, everyone faces problems and difficulties at some stage in their life, sadly we have to face bereavements, sickness and infirmities as well as countless joys, often it’s not the problem that’s the problem but how we face the problem, the problem. PLEASE, If you are facing a problem or know of people associated with the Rams that are, then please do let us know, let us try to help, let us pray for you/them.

Roger the Ram – our club mascot does a tremendous job working throughout the community and developing links with the community and the club. Often visiting schools, church groups and other organizations, bringing a few sweets and joining in some games. Roger makes no charge and from experience of his visit to our own church the youngsters had a `fab’ night – as well as the leaders!! If you would like Roger to visit your groups please contact via Rams office.

We firmly believe that God both hears and answers prayers – whilst all players, coaching staff, management and back-room staff are not listed in this newsletter (see Rams website for further details) – we would ask for your continued prayers for those listed below.

Ryan Fieldhouse (recovering from long-term leg injury) – Ryan is making good progress.

Steve Nash (recovering from long-term leg injury) – Steve is nearing full fitness.

Greg Scott (recovering from long-term leg injury) Greg continues to improve and make steady progress.

Zak Johnson sustained a very nasty leg injury during the game with London Bronco’s and is likely to be out of action for several months. Zak would really appreciate your prayers. 

If we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate in contacting us either on the numbers above or via the Rams office, Tetley Stadium, Owl Lane, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF12 7RH email: info@

Telephone: 01924 465489

We are grateful for your prayers and thank you for your support.

Mick Jessop & Chris Battye ®
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