Dear Friends,

The Easter celebrations of Christ’s resurrection now lead us into new beginnings.  It is with this thought that l wish to share with you a poem l found which helps us to reflect on this theme with credit to Sephallia, the author:-

‘The Time of Beginnings’

The sun rises

Earlier than the morning before

It is this kind of season

That l simply adore.

The temperature is warming

And my heart feels lighter

As l step outside

To a sky that’s simply brighter

The faint colour of green returns

A very gentle and uplifting hue

As life returns to nature

As plant life is renewed.

The springtime rain falls down gently

Covering the plants with a gentle dew

It splashes and washes the planet

Making everything clean and new.


The springtime has come

The gentle rain is calling you

In this season of beginnings

You are given a chance to begin anew.

At Grove, we celebrated the Easter story with the new beginning following Jesus’ resurrection and with the new beginnings from a Baptism and an impromptu marriage proposal on that special day. We know that every night is followed by a new dawn with new hope for that day and that we also can begin anew as the poet tells us and appreciate the gift of beginnings. At Grove, we have enhanced our surroundings with a fresh, newly painted, refurbished Providence Centre which is uplifting to the spirit for all who visit, work and socialise there. When we think of renewal let us reflect also on the caterpillar who knows how to become a chrysalis, looking devoid of all life until the butterfly emerges NEW and BEAUTIFUL. Heather C. King, author of ‘What caterpillars remember and l sometimes forget’ asks if it is possible these insects know more about hope than we do! 

We have “Create a pure heart in me, o God and give me a steadfast spirit” Psalm 51.v10 (NEB) and “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away, behold, the new has come.   2 Corinthians 5.v17 (ESV)

Dear friends may you all have joyful beginnings to come.

Evelyn Richardson, Grove U.R.C. ®
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