Dear friends

I am sitting in the lounge of our hotel in the Lake District taking a very much needed break from our busy lives . We all need a time of relaxation; even and probably especially those of us who are in our so-called retirement years! Denise has just reminded me via the wonderful technology of email that it is the turn of someone from Longcauseway to write this letter. As I have limited WiFi I had better get on with it now! 

Geoff and are enjoying a short break in the Lake District to recharge our batteries and to gain some 'heart's ease' from the wonderful scenery of the lakes and mountains around us. Spring hasn't arrived as yet but there are signs of it in the lovely clumps of snowdrops and the very occasional crocus braving the cold weather. Even though we can't see any other evidence we know that spring will happen in a few weeks time. 

By the time the SPACE newsletters are published we shall have had our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. We shall be in the period of Lent and thinking forward to Jesus' journey to Jerusalem, his trial and death. Like spring, we know as Christians that the Easter Festival will happen as it does every year. Do we take it for granted or are we challenged by it? For me this period of Lent and Easter is the most important in the Christian calendar. My faith is challenged once again. I wonder where it will be by Easter Day?

Sally Speight ®
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