Dear Friends,

Do you know the story we’re going on a bear hunt? It’s some times sung around camp fires, we sang it when I was visiting my Auntie and Uncle in Canada, quite a few years ago now. The people going on the bear hunt thought it would be exciting, but they didn’t really think about it properly, did they? They didn’t think about the things they might encounter on the way – the terrain, and the weather that they could get caught up in. They didn’t even think about what they would do if they found a bear!

In Luke 14 verses 25 - 33, many people were following Jesus. Perhaps they thought it would be an exciting adventure. But Jesus said that if you want to follow him you have to think about the cost and what might happen as a result of following him. He said it was important to think about what you might have to overcome or endure in order to follow him, and to make an informed choice rather than just joining in with the crowd – and not giving up when things get tough.

Good Christians are the salt of the earth, and good Ministers especially. Salt is good and of great use. Degenerate Christians, who, rather than part with what they have in the world, will throw up their profession of faith are like salt that has lost is savour, that is the most useless thing in the world; it has no manner of virtue or good property in it and it can never be recovered!

So, if we try to be good Christians – Salt of the earth - we will continue to be Christ’s Disciples.


Robert Naylor ®
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