My Favorite Bible Story
My favorite bible story is easily ‘Noah and the Ark’. The story tells us about how God chooses to punish us for participating in violence and evil sins.
I suppose it was only really my favourite bible story since watching the film 'Evan Almighty', a modern day version of a man building an ark. Morgan Freeman plays God and Steve Carrell plays Evan. The sin that people are committing is ruining the environment by cutting corners on building a damn in order to produce more money for themselves. God randomly decides he want Evan to build an ark to protect the people of Buffalo, when Evan resists, God remains persistent until eventually Evan gets started on building the boat. Despite losing his family, his job and his credibility he continues in his task. People then realise that a flood is really going to happen, when the faulty dam which has been built eventually bursts.
The film is implying that Noah would probably have been ridiculed for doing such a strange 'out of the blue' thing. This is the main reason why I like the film and bible story, as it helps us to understand that if we stand up for what we believe in, even if people disagree or judge us for it, God will repay us.
Millie Hartley ®
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