When I was asked to write an article for ‘the LINK’ saying what my favourite bible passage was, and why, my first reaction was ‘I can easily do that’! However, as I have mulled this over for the past month or so it has become a much harder task. I realized I had many favourite passages relating to different periods of my life and to different people and events.
The one I have decided to share with you is Psalm 46 which begins:
‘God is our refuge and strength an ever- present help in trouble’ (first verse)
When my Mum died some twenty six years ago I was absolutely devastated. I was very close to my Mum and even as a child I worried about how I would be able to cope if I ever had to live without her. Being strong for my father and my children enabled me to function from day to day but it wasn’t easy. A college friend telephoned and realizing how upset I was she sent me a card. The only words on it were
‘Read Psalm 46’
As I did this a feeling of relief flooded through me. I had completely forgotten I was not alone and never would be. I still miss my Mum even now and since her death I have lost my father and my sister but remembering,
‘The Lord almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress’ (last verse)
brings me great comfort.
Henri Carter
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