How to be The Good Samaritan
Luke chapter 10 verses 25 – 37
When I was about fifteen or sixteen years I was a member of the G.A. (Girl’s Association), this was a junior branch of The Church of Scotland Women’s Guild. Our branch was invited, at assembly, to re-enact The Good Samaritan – I was chosen to be the Good Samaritan, my father made a donkey – rather crude - but we were thrilled. After all these years I can still remember some of my words:
“Oh you poor man, you have been sorely hurt, hush do not speak, now I will give you a drink and then I will tend to your wounds”.
Whenever I hear this story I go back to that time. I have so many happy memories from my time spent in the G.A. I still keep in touch with friends from these days, and I am going back about sixty-five years.
In our Prayers
I would like to mention Percy’s cousin Arthur’s son Derrick - Derrick and his wife Joan now live in Doncaster, I send them ‘the LINK’ each month. At the time of writing Derrick is in hospital very poorly. Most of Highfield know Derrick and Joan – please keep them in your prayers.
December Concert
What can I say – I knew there was a fourth member of the Hall family but didn't know he was so talented. An excellent afternoon.
Thank You
A big thank you to everyone who made my 80th birthday special. It started on the day with the 50 plus Christmas meal at Ossett. Sunday morning was special, then on the Tuesday we had Highfield lunch with a touch of Christmas and a birthday cake. It is thirty-nine years since I came to Yorkshire and I can never thank the folk at Highfield, who welcomed me into their fellowship, enough.
A million thanks…………….
Doris Hemingway
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