Needless Meeting
Gentlemen’s Fellowship
at Longcauseway
Needless, Scotchman Lane 
An exploratory meeting of twenty gentlemen from Longcauseway Church was held at the “Needless Inn”, Upper Batley, on Tuesday 18th June. The purpose of the meeting was to have a social get-together, and to consider setting up a fellowship group.
The meeting commenced with an excellent meal followed by a discussion, led by David Hartley, on the format of future meetings and if there was sufficient support. The men were invited in turn to give their views on the frequency and possible content of the meetings.
It was generally agreed that such meetings would be worthwhile.
Agreed Objectives:
to hold social evenings, including a meal, as a means of getting to know each other better
to introduce friends from outside the church, and husbands/partners of church ladies
There should be no undue emphasis on religious matters
Future meetings should be held every two months
They should be organised by different people
The cost should be moderate.
Suggested Topics:
Talks by men in the group
Debates and discussions
Outside visits such as ‘ten-pin’ bowling or ‘greyhound racing’.
Use of church premises for topics involving computers/film equipment.
Meals to be excluded as this would involve difficulty in meal preparation and cooking.
Joint activities with ladies on special occasions.
No date was fixed for the next meeting to give time for this to be considered.
Tony Beckett
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