Following Catherine Roberts visit to Ghana, Longcauseway has added to the money raised by Catherine and sent a donation to the Happy Kids Orphanage in Ghana.

Various events were held to raise money, through Pilots Pam Hall's fundraising afternoon & club LOL.

Reply from Kelsey

Catherine informed me that the donation was coming from the church, and we have received it. Thank you so so so very much, for your incredible contribution, and for that of the church's members. We are a small organization with a big heart, and literally every dollar counts for us. This incredible sum of money will be used to construct a proper kitchen and bedroom for our kids, as well as for providing some food for the children. It will truly be an amazing Christmas, thanks to you guys. 

I will be keeping you updated as things progress and to demonstrate how the money has been used. We will also be sending letters/photos/videos from the kids to the church as soon as we can. 

My never ending thanks,


Details of the Happy kids Orphanage website can be found Here

There is a You-Tube clip here 

and some photos here ®
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