Dear friends of Happy Kids,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website We've spent the last few months intensively working to create a space that can be informative, engaging, and provide updates to the supporters that make our work possible. 
We're very grateful to finally have a website that demonstrates not only the work that we do, but also the idea of Happy Kids, which is far more than an orphanage and school. Our mission is based on the fundamental belief that children should be able to grow up to be whoever they want to be, regardless of where they're born. We work to provide vulnerable children with that opportunity, while also piloting unique, community-based solutions to poverty. 
On the new website, you can read about our variety of projects, meet our team, and meet each of the kids that you can choose to sponsor individually. You can also sign up to become a Happy Kids Ambassador – and in doing so use your voice to move Happy Kids forward. I will urge you to scroll through each of our carefully designed and crafted pages, and learn about why what we’re doing in Gbi-Wegbe can be a model for sustainable development all over the world.


The Sponsorship Program

With the launch of the sponsorship program, individuals can sign onto sponsor individual children and support them to build the foundations for a better life. 
We're very excited to finally launch the program and introduce our wonderfully talented, wacky, and brilliant Happy Kids. On the sponsorship page, you will find profiles for every one of the individual children that exist in our care 24/7. That means the children currently available for sponsorship are those that live with us at our dormitory. Each child has a different story and dream, and they each came to us for different reasons. This includes parents passing away, or them being unable to care for their children due to poverty, or them not recognising how special their children are and relinquishing them to us.
For us, it is a privilege to raise and love these kids, not a burden. It is is incredible to watch them grow and thrive despite their often difficult upbringings, and we hope that you can be a part of that. Because of the lack of consistent support provided, sponsorship is one of the most effective and impacting ways to improve their lives. By signing onto sponsor a child, you not only provide them with health care, food, clothing, education and skills training - you also provide them with a sense of value. By sponsoring that child, you are telling them that someone, somewhere, cares for them. For children that have been abandoned, that awareness can be monumental. 

It is our goal that the sponsorship program is based on a mutually beneficial relationship. Your child will have ful
l awareness of your involvement and support, and we hope that you can cultivate a relationship that will benefit the both of you. 

Please note that children who are already sponsored have "SPONSORED" in their bios. 

Meet our kids and sign up to a sponsor a child for $30 a month here:

With sincere thanks,
Kelsey and the Happy Kids team

Meet Emma, age 4

Emmanuel or ‘Small Emma’ as we call him, has been with us since 2013. When he was a baby, Emma’s mother left him and they haven’t heard from her since. His father is a farmer, but soon became unable to care for him with so little money and decided to bring him to Happy Kids. As the youngest kid at Happy Kids, Emma is our baby. He is constantly played with, loved on, and cared for by the other kids. Emma came to us not speaking a word of english or Ewe, but has since begun learning both languages. He can say “Come and let’s play” and “how are you” – new words pop out of his mouth every day, and we continue to be shocked by how fast he’s learning. Emma is a giggly and snuggly, and always has a smile on his face. He has an incredible amount of energy, and can often be found playing while the other nursery students are napping.

 If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact Kelsey at:

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