Hey Guys!
Well I’m back at school (been back for 2 months now) from travelling round S.E Asia. We had seven weeks of school holiday: similar to the summer holiday in UK but here it’s from around the 14th November to 1st January! We headed off to Thailand first and spent two weeks there, going up to Chiang Mai then down to Kanchanaburi in the west of Thailand. Then down to Koh Tao, one of the famous islands. We stayed there for three nights then headed off to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party which was amazing: twenty thousand plus people on one beach! From here we ventured into Cambodia, we visited the so named ‘Killing Fields’ which were horrible but it was weirdly rewarding to have visited them as I would have probably never found out what happened there. We also visited the ancient temples like Ankor Wat, I felt like Indiana Jones when exploring them! We spent one week here as it was expensive (it’s one of the most expensive S.E Asian countries we think, joint with Singapore!)
Vietnam next, starting at the bottom on Phu Quoc Island and worked our way up to Hanoi. On our way we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City. These are the tunnels that the Vietnamese used to get away and hide from the Americans during the war. The tunnels are less than 1 metre high in places and they are 2/3/4 meters underground. I do not normally suffer from claustrophobia but I felt a sudden wave of panic run over me when I was down there, pitch black and you are on your hands and knees. I managed to come over it luckily, or it could have become very bad!! So we headed up towards Hanoi, stopping off at the cities on the way like Da Lat, Nha Trang and Hue.
It was on the overnight bus to Hanoi from Hue that my laptop was stolen! It annoyed me but I wasn't phased by it, I figured stuff happens so just accept it! Finally we ended up in Cat Ba Island for Christmas which was great! We went back to Kuala Lumpur from New Year and we’re back at school for the 3rd January, to which we arrived to a new timetable for classes and baby rodents in my cupboard!
The beginning of February we had three hundred more students arrive. I have a basketball team which are amazing, but a tad small…
We also have been given students to teach scrabble and fifteen students for drama to produce a play! This will be performed on the 28th of February at a nearby school, it’s part of a competition! There will be a scrabble competition, spelling bee competition and other activities.
The students at the school are getting a lot more relaxed around us and they know us as more friends than teachers so talking to them is really easy. I think I’m getting addicted to sugar though as they seem to put it into everything! Even the fried rice! We have made friends with tonnes of the teachers and my Malay is coming along nicely!
Well that’s a quick update on the last four months, I would like to thank everyone again in and out of Church for helping me get here! I’m having such a good time!
Thank you!
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