Email from Malaysia

Hey Trev,

Its Josh Dale, thought I'd send you an email about Malaysia and how I'm getting on so you could pass it onto the church :).

I'm doing fine here, the teachers and students in the school are really nice and I've fitted in here really well! The school is an elite school so they are all extremely smart, put it this way, the oldest years here are 17 years old, a year younger than the last years in England but they are doing ‘A' level equivalent work, all to A grade. These include Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. I feel very outsmarted here, but I'm a teacher so I don't need to do any more learning, which is a relief!

The food here is amazing, lots of Nasi (rice) and Ayam (chicken), no pork due to it being predominately a Muslim country, I miss bacon! It is impossible to go hungry in Malaysia as every other street has stalls/shops selling food and food courts galore! I'm going to come back a few stone heavier, saying that we play sport every day from 5:00pm to 6:30pm and the heat means lots of cardio work and LOTS of sweating, so it will fight the signs of greed!

Me and my volunteer friend, Nick, are currently staying in the Sick Bay (the place where sick people go to get better) until our house gets electricity, hopefully it shall be within the next week. (Today's date: 02/10/12) It's comfortable and spacious but we have nowhere to put our 'stuff' away, 'stuff' being everything we own, so we can't wait to get into our house!

We are mainly classroom assistants due to us not having teaching degrees, but we have had proper lessons placed on us already! We had to teach a total of ten lessons last week, they have 40 minutes a period, rather than the conventional 1hour. But we prevailed and it went really well!

This weekend we are going to one of the very famous islands in Malaysia, called Kapas, for Nicks 19th birthday which was on the 1st October, we are going with two other girls from a different school which are on the same program as us, Project Trust.

I would like to thank everyone at church again for helping me get here, it has already been such a good experience and it has only been one month!

Josh Dale

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