Ladies 17/12 Visit Thackray Medical Museum

13 Ladies had an enjoyable afternoon on Saturday 17th September, visiting Thackray Medical Museum.  We started with an interesting lecture from the Assistant Curator of the museum, Catherine, who told us the history of the museum and brought some artefacts, which once she had explained their uses we could pass round (wearing the obligatory white gloves).  There were blood letting instruments, such as a Lancet and a Scarificator used in medieval times as well as modern day prosthetic limbs. We then looked around the exhibits and could take advantage of the many interactive objects such as the virtual reality viewers that reveal scenes and people from the building's former life, its original function as a workhouse and its use as a First World War hospital. Apparently our very own Paul Goulden is one of the virtual actors!

We finished the tour in the streets of Leeds as they were in 1842, smelly and very dirty.  I think we all felt very lucky to have been born in the 20th Century!

Thanks to Maggie Gooder for organising this event and looking after us all so well.

We’re now looking forward to an evening of Flower Arranging for beginners with Keith Horner on Monday October 17th, look out for the signup sheet.

Jo Hartley ®
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