17/12 Ladies Group –alternative worship (

Drighlington Methodist church


We didn't know what to expect but when we arrived we soon realised that the church was packed with people of all ages. The service was led by 3 different vicars and the theme was about 'blessings'.

There was a band and I particularly enjoyed the singing as there were lots of lively songs accompanied by the band with tunes that were easy to pick up and join in with.

 The reading was done in a way that one side of the congregation read the bible verse and then the other side read it translated into modern day words. This was really effective and helped you to understand the true meaning of the passage. and were encouraged to deliver the blessing to the them, there was also a time when you could go to the front to be blessed by one of the three clergy.

I found the experience really uplifting and enjoyed being with so many other Christians worshipping together in this way.

We were told these services happen quarterly and the next one is July 19th at Cleckheaton Methodist Church if anyone would like to go along.

Catherine Roberts

After the sermon we were given the chance to write our own blessings for someone




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