Ladies'  Fellowship October 2015

We were delighted to welcome "our own" Michael Littlewood who had volunteered to speak to us at any time when we needed help and who graciously agreed to come on October 5th even though it was his birthday. Fifteen ladies were present, including  Janine, our new minister. It was a pleasant surprise when she arrived, asking to stay. Michael's topic was "What makes people laugh?" and he answered the question with various suggestions such as an unexpected end to a story, embarrassment or slapstick humour with a banana skin on the floor used as an example. Humans are the only creatures with a developed sense of humour and Michael observed that some people find humour easier than others. He commented that laughter is catching and some age groups can appreciate laughter more than others, but it depended on what was applicable to a particular group.

Michael was brought up in a family involved with humour. His father did musical monologues with piano accompaniment so it was natural for Michael to maintain the tradition. He recounted to us amusing stories from the past and from his life and reminded us how everyday signs  such as warning signs, health and safety signs, labels on food clothes and other goods can be seen in a humorous light and examples were given to amuse us.

As always, we were hugely entertained by Michael and it was good to spend time with smiles and in laughter. We thank you, Michael for spending some of your birthday hours with us and helping us at a time when speakers are hard to find.

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