Ladies’ Fellowship AGM—February 2016

There was a unanimous decision to close Ladies Fellowship.  Regret was expressed that this should happen, and that we would no longer be raising money for charity, but as we are all getting older, we do not have sufficient help to carry on with fundraising days.   Over the years Ladies Fellowship has raised £54,867.00 for charities, which is remarkable, £40,000 of that has been raised in the last 16 years.   Thanks were expressed to the treasurer, Margaret Paylor, Elaine Heard, the speaker finder and writer for the Link, to the committee and the members.   A letter was read from Mrs Barbara Addy inviting our members to Thornhill Methodist Church Fellowship Group, who meet on the second Monday of the month.   A letter of thanks will be sent.

Celebration: It was decided to have a meal at the Wetherby Whaler on Monday 29th February to celebrate the end of the Ladies Fellowship.   Bessie Hall and Bunty Anderson will be invited along with ladies who are not present today. 

April Service: On the last Sunday in April, which has always been Ladies Weekend, there will be a Ladies Service, hopefully celebrating the years of the Ladies Fellowship.   Revd Janine Atkinson is booked to preach at that service.

There will be no fundraising day on the Saturday.  

The meeting closed with the Grace.

The Aims of the Ladies Fellowship taken from the minutes of 15.6.64 were

1. To unite women in friendship and Christian service.

2. To give practical help to charitable organisations.

3. To try and involve the younger women of our Church in the Fellowship. 

We have managed to uphold the first two aims if not the third, although some younger church members have supported our fundraising efforts, and we thank them.

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