Mirfield House Group
The question has been asked “What is Mirfield House Group?” It started out as Ossett House Group - in other words a group which met in Gawthorpe when Frank and I lived there. The idea of the house groups was that any churchgoers or adherents could get together to get to know each other better. The Ossett Group started this by discussing hobbies and interests, which were very interesting! We then looked at the contents page of the Bible, recent archaeology in Israel, and had a wide ranging question evening. We had both been to Israel many times, so that was a great help in both the ancient and modern sides of it. When Frank could no longer manage the stairs, we had to move to a bungalow, and although we searched and searched in Ossett which was handy for the M1, we were unsuccessful, and so moved to Mirfield. Not all of those who were in the original group wanted to travel to Mirfield, but with the help of one driver we started a group there and also gathered one or two people who lived in the Mirfield area, but couldn’t get to Ossett!!
Transport has been a problem, but when the new Church was formed we had another driver who was willing to bring two more people and also a kind son who was willing to bring his mother.
What do we do now? I sometimes get the impression that we are regarded as having a bit of an air of mystery about us!
Since the group was relocated in Mirfield and while Frank was with us, it was a lot easier to have a much wider set of activities. From then, as a very close group, we’ve aimed to continue along similar lines, but probably with less depth. We’ve talked about women in the Bible, had a series on some of the smaller denominations, the actual land of the Bible, and have tried to keep up with the present treatment of Palestinian Christians.
Recently we’ve become involved in helping people who really need it. The group has a certain affinity with baking, filling small jars of Christmas sweets, making small Christmas decorations and knitting various types of hats (27 of these in 7 days!!).
We also have one or two members who are rather frail, but who are keen enough to come to the meetings by taxi on their “good” days.
Occasionally, we have an evening when we transport ourselves to far off places by looking at slides. Mechanics was never my strong point, but we cope!
Eating is one of our pleasures and not always at the Wetherby Whaler!!!! The attached photo of our Christmas Fuddle was taken a few days ago. It was unfortunate that we had a much smaller group than usual, but the weather was very bad. It was the night before all the black ice caused so many accidents.
Pat Nunn
Mirfield House Group 
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