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Assuming that the plans for my move to Mickleover, Derby, actually happen, we have held our final meeting. For the last two years or so we have all missed Frank very much, but in March 2011 we all agreed we didn't want to close down, so for the last two years I have carried on, with the support of the members - and they really have supported me.
Our big problem has always been transport, but Karen, who has, until the last few weeks, collected up to three members, has been the best friend I could have wished for, not just as a driver, but her thoughtfulness in helping with the arrangements of our various programmes. With the help of Irene and Wendy B's husbands (only one each!) and Audrey's son, we haven't fared too badly. I have mentioned the names of these people because they were involved in getting us to the meetings! We have learned a lot about each other. I can't go into too many details, but one of our members knows a lot about coins, and others have skills we weren't aware of. Some new friends were very welcome over the last few months.
If the weather was fair, we sometimes had Dorothy Aveyard, Vera Metcalfe and Kathleen Sutton with us. They came in a taxi together as they all lived in Mirfield. The meetings have been a learning curve for all of us, but we have enjoyed them all whether serious, light-hearted, or "fine dining" e.g. the Wetherby Whaler or The Mermaid!!
The last meeting was a happy affair, but with emotional undertones. Usually, if we were going to eat we all shared in supplying the food, but this time I wanted to "do" the meal. So, everybody came to the party.
Apart from eating, we did a lot of reminiscing and laughing, but I was then very surprised to be given some beautiful flowers - and not just that, but a token for me to spend just as I like. After a while it was time to go home and the atmosphere changed. We all realised that this was the end of something we had grown to cherish.
There was a lot of hugging and good wishes and then people disappeared into the night. While I was stacking the dishwasher, I couldn't help wondering about the future for a set of people who, some years ago, came to a set of meetings rather timidly, assuming they would be there to listen, but who turned out to have valuable contributions to make.
It's a period of my life which I'll never forget.
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