On Sunday 9th June the group met at Maggie and Steve Gooder's home for the Nomads’ House Group annual BBQ. In the morning the weather was looking unpromising considering the wonderfully warm sunny days which had preceded, but I assured Steve that the sun would come out and it did - the power of positive thinking!
Our group included, Steve and Maggie Gooder, Gillian Smith, Christine and Raymond Fox, Alan and Olga Long, Chris and Ruth Palmer, Carol Marsh and Douglas and Marjory Clark.
BBQ, Nomads, House Group, Dewsbury, Longcauseway 
Unfortunately I didn't think to suggest the panoramic photo, courtesy of Chris before Carol and Douglas left, apologies!
We all enjoyed some wonderful food, the pork and apple burgers from the Gooder's local butcher were especially good, fabulous puddings courtesy of Marjorie, Maggie and Carol, and all washed down with a glass or two (or was it three?....don't worry your secret is safe!) of pink sparkling wine in the glorious sunshine and all amongst friends, it was real fellowship and much enjoyed.
Our special thanks go to our hosts Maggie and Steve for a lovely occasion!
Ruth Palmer
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