Norristhorpe United Reformed Church

Norristhorpe Lane


WF15 7AR


(For emergencies where police or the ambulance are concerned could you please ensure the church postcode is prominently displayed both in and outside the building.)

Church Secretary: Mrs Christine Whitaker. 01924 401324

Church Treasurer: Mr Kevin Jackson 01924 491708

Property/ Buildings contact:  Brian Robbins 01924 408028

Organist: Mrs Pauline Blackman 01924 403959

Pulpit Supply Secretary:  Mrs Pamela Mitchell 01924 402862

Lettings Secretary: Mrs Ann Johnson 01924 506426

Registrar/s: Mrs Mary Broomhead 01924 522687

Messy Church contact person: Rev Mark Robinson 01924 401340. Lorraine Shorten.

Intercessory Prayer contact: Rev Mark Robinson.

Special service contact:       Weddings: Pauline Blackman.  Baptism: Pat Jessop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Weddings, baptism and funerals)  Funerals: Shirley Wooding.

Church newsletter editor/contact:  Shirley Wooding: 01924 524289

SPACE page contact: Shirley Wooding.

SPACE Leadership reps: Mary Broomhead. Pauline Blackman. Janet McDonald. ®
RealFeel®: 4°C
Winds: N at 16 kph
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