Saturday 20th June at 7pm

Longcauseway Church

In aid of the Leprosy Mission.

‘A lovely evening of food and entertainment’ were the comments of the 31 Ladies and Gentlemen who attended this event!

The food was superbly crafted and delivered by David Hartley and his youth catering team, Abel Whitehead, William Hartley and Joseph Hartley.

The entertainment delighted and enchanted this discerning crowd, with haunting solos from Carol Marsh and Bethany Haigh and a wonderful duet from the pair. Pam Hall’s amusing anecdote of the ‘old woman taking over her life’ had us laughing out loud. John Hall sang and played the piano for us, and Lynn Lomas read an amusing poem all about food.  David Hall was a positive delight both accompanying the singers and entertaining us with his music hall style song sketches. David Hartley escaped from the kitchen briefly to join David Hall in a rendition of ‘Whispering Grass’.  All rounded off by Malcom Jones singing ‘the Hippotamus Song’  which everyone joined in!

A really wonderful evening which raised £239.43 for Leprosy Mission.  Thank you David and the youth catering team.  Thank you all the fantastic performers and thank you to all those who attended.

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