Infertility Network UK is the leading national infertility charity supporting everyone who finds they have difficulties conceiving.  Whether they need emotional support to cope with the rollercoaster of the infertility journey, or practical support to help access NHS funding, they will find it all on our website. I am on the board of trustees of IN UK.


More To Life members are childless by circumstance, not by choice. They provide support and a community which understands that although children were very much wanted, it is still possible to have a fun and fulfilling future without them.  Whether they have tried treatment and not been successful, or decided not to try treatment, or perhaps even have a partner who does not want children, or has children from a previous relationship,  More To Life understand and aim to help people as they explore new ways of life which can be joyful and satisfying. I am a member and the Chair of the Steering Group of More to Life.

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