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 Tanzania 2014

To the leadership team at Longcauseway


Thank you so much for the money you have given me to help me to pay for my fee to take part in my charity trip to Tanzania, it was so generous and incredibly helpful to me and mum. Church has been wonderfully supportive of me in my fundraising for the trip, and I hope to be able to continue to sell buns on Sunday mornings to help contribute the school’s total fundraising, which will be used to buy building materials and furnishings for the classroom (The more we raise the more stuff we can buy, like exercise books and stationary). Thank you once again.


Beth Haigh


Paddling for Tanzania

When thinking of ways to raise money for the school's project in Tanzania, some of us come up with conventional ideas (like baking buns to sell to friends!) and others decide to tackle the challenge of a lifetime. My colleague, Jon, chose the latter option and decided to build a wooden canoe, from scratch, with no previous experience. It took him two years to make the canoe, using red cedar, some cherry wood from a tree that had once stood outside the school hall, some old laboratory benches and various other pieces of beautiful wood. He taught himself how to make the woven seats and the paddles and how to waterproof the canoe.

Once built, Jon set the challenge of paddling this thing of beauty from Liverpool to Goole, a journey of 168 miles, asking for sponsorship and willing crew members!

Our leg, from Castleford to Heck Bridge near Goole, was 12 miles. Beth paddled 10, Dougie and I did one each. We loved the peaceful, graceful way the canoe moved through the water and the excellent company!

We will let you know how much Jon raises for the project. We donated enough to pay for a window frame in the classroom Bethany and her friends will build in Babati, Tanzania. It was a privilege to be part of this wonderful journey.

Carol Marsh



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