And we’re live! Today marks the first day of the fleshandblood campaign and we’re excited to get started. Over the next two years we’ll be mobilising the church to raise the profile of donation and to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK. Our hope is that the church can make a significant impact on the lives of many and also help to support the work of the NHS in caring for our communities.

Take a look around the website to see how you, your church, C.U. or organisation can get involved. You’ll find a range of resources for you to use as well as ways to register as a blood or organ donor or to make a date to give blood at a local session near you.

Throughout the campaign, the blog will keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and stories, as well as featuring guest posts from surgeons, donors, recipients, church leaders and hopefully some of you! We look forward to sharing the thoughts and actions of others, and exploring the generosity of blood and organ donation.

Website link, click HERE 



Flesh and Blood 

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