I’m going to tell you all about the amazing trip that the older pilots were taken to. This trip was great and I met lots of new people and now I’m going to tell you what went on while I was there.

The place we went to was called Carlton Lodge near Thirsk in North Yorkshire and when we got there we had a bit of time so we went to the park for about 10 minutes first.

Friday - Hi right let’s get started. First I want to thank Jo for letting us go on the trip in the first place and David for getting us there and back. Now I’m going to tell you what happened. So first we arrived at about 7:20pm when we got in the building, we signed in. After that we grabbed some bedding and headed up to our rooms. We shared with two other people one was called Zoe age 11 and the other was called Jessica age 13. We sorted our things out and got to know Zoe and Jessica. When we had finished sorting our things, we headed back down stairs to do some ice breaker activity's. When we finished then we knew some of the people that were there. When we had finished we headed into the dining hall and had a drink of something and some biscuits at about 10:00pm. About 2 minutes later we went up stairs to get ready for bed we went to sleep at about 11:00pm and woke up at 6:45am.

Saturday – On Saturday morning after we had woken up, we got dressed for breakfast which was served at 8:00am. I had beans, egg and bacon it was very nice. About half an hour later we went back up stairs to get our stuff ready for the activity’s we had that day. Some people didn’t have to get anything yet because they didn’t have raft building till after lunch. However, I had it as my second activity but first I had problem solving. Then we were late to lunch because we needed to get showered and dressed again from jumping in the lake but finally we arrived at lunch and had a tuna sandwich with salad in it and a bag of crisps on the side. After lunch we had our final 2 activity’s which were archery and rock climbing I enjoyed all the activity’s however the rock climbing was hard because there was only small holes to put your hands in. Later, after rock climbing, we had our tea which was roast dinner and I enjoyed all of it.  After tea we went back up to our rooms for a bit to relax. After a bit of relaxation time we went back down stairs to watch a film.

The film we watched was big hero 6 and we had some popcorn and sweets to share. I really enjoyed the film, it is now my favourite film. I’m not going to tell you what happened just in case some people haven’t seen it yet that want to see it. When the film had finished we went into the dining room and had a drink and a biscuit again before bed. We then headed upstairs to get ready for bed everyone in our room went to sleep at about 11:00pm.

Sunday-We woke up at about 7:00am and got ready for breakfast. After we had finished breakfast we went upstairs to un make our beds and take all the bedding back down stairs into the washing basket and pack all our stuff up. When we had finished packing up our stuff, we went down stairs for worship. In worship we sang some songs and went to lots of different stations to do different things to do with worship. When we finished, we played some games, and did some other things as some of the other people left. We were down to the last few people and we played tag when there was only 3 people left and us, we just talked for a bit then it came to the time we had to leave. We said thank you to the people for having us and headed home and this was the end of our journey when we arrived at home sweet home.

Thank you again to Jo & David for sorting and arranging our trip.

Amelia Whitehead




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