Revd. Alison Termie   Born in Scotland, brought up within the Church of Scotland, I Joined the United Reformed Church in 1980 when I moved to Leicester.   In 2005 I was ordained and moved here to the Spen Valley. I particularly enjoy helping children and adults explore their faith in ways that enrich their understanding but always leaves space for the Holy Spirit to bring the challenge of a God who is bigger and more loving and more awesome than we can every comprehend in this life.


Dear friends, 

Beginnings and endings...... Endings and beginnings. 

This is what life is about, is it not?  Because life without the challenge of the new and the parting from the familiar would be sad, repetitive, purposeless and no more than a parody of real life; life in all its fullness that is visible everywhere in God's creation. 

Unfortunately knowing that doesn't make change any easier to deal with!

It doesn't make moving on any simpler for me or facing uncertainty any more comfortable for you.

But believe me when I say,  that we do not approach the new beginnings that are ahead of us empty handed, or without God's help or guidance.

For example:  What a wonderful set of leaders you have in all your churches! I have been blessed time without number by the encouragement, wisdom, discipline and tolerance that I have experience in elders meetings, in bible study groups, in visioning meetings or simply, gently over a cup of tea, a cake or a meat paste sandwich. 

What a wonderful set of workers you have in all your churches! I have been pleased to join YOU in what you do and in return many of you have joined ME in some pretty..... Exciting.... tasks.  Accosting strangers in the street for the community audit, playing bells in schools and care homes, arranging weddings and baptisms for five year olds, making christingles by the hundred, being messy at messy church, services in care homes, gardening in graveyards, and listening to children explore our faith at Rewind. 

What a wonderful set of members and adherents you have in all your churches! I have been blessed with friendship.  Some of those friends, over the years, have left us and some of those friends I leave now.  But what lovely memories I take with me! 

I am told that, as a minister, you never forget your first pastorate........ I know that, as a teacher, the faces (if not all the names) of my first tutor group are still with me. So, if I am to carry the memory of you all for the rest of my life, I thank you for making it a good memory.

May God's richest Blessings be in you and flow through you as we end, and begin, and change and grow! 




Revd. Alison Termie



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