The role of the Heating Manager

As the person responsible for the heating of the church premises I thought I would share some of the details of what is required to heat our premises effectively.   I became involved in church heating when I was Church Secretary as I thought a working knowledge would be helpful in any discussions about heating.  There are four room wall thermostats to set to the required temperature, two in the hall one in the foyer and one in church.  Radiators have thermostatic controls which can be adjusted to the required temperature.  These are seven time clocks which need to be set to fire the two boilers and to open the valves which send heat into the appropriate rooms.  Normally heating is started thirty minutes before the room is required and runs to the end of usage.

The church Sanctuary when heated increases by only one degree centigrade per hour and must not exceed twenty degrees centigrade to avoid problems with the organ.  There are two pumps which circulate the water in the radiators which are used one at a time for six months before switching over.  The heating system is serviced annually to keep it in tip top condition.  I liaise with the contractors on behalf of the church as it is felt to be more beneficial to use the same contact person for continuity.

It is rewarding to be able to ensure that church users are warm and comfortable.  It is a demanding and challenging position but very satisfying.  Before the church heating controls had time clocks to activate them they had to be switched on manually on Saturday teatime after the hall users had finished.  Once I forgot to do this and awoke just before midnight and remembered I therefore had to go down to church and switch on I took our dog Lucy, a Lakeland terrier with me for protection.

After that incident I made doubly sure I did not forget again.

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