19th May 2013

Mrs Linda Andrews




Call to worship

Hymn 95 - God is love. Let heaven adore him

Prayer.  Response to “God is good” is “We praise him.” – The Lord’s Prayer.

Family sharing time followed by the Childrens’ Address

Childrens’ Hymn 407 – When Jesus went to worship

Offertory & Dedication.

Bible readings: Acts Ch 1 v 1 to 5 (page 1092)

                        Acts Ch 2 v 1 to 21 (page 1093)

Hymn 353 – There’s a wideness in God’s mercy

Prayers of intercession.  The response to “Spirit of God, breathe into our lives” is

Breathe into the Church, breathe into our world.”


Hymn 532 – Lord of all creation, to you be all praise.   (The children return during the singing of this hymn, and report on the work they have been doing).

Boulders Rap.

Hymn 329 – There’s a spirit in the air


Organ Voluntary, Dambusters March.

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