Festival Service

20th December 2015

Rev. Janine Atkinson

Notices & Family News


Opening words

Hymn - Every star shall sing a Carol



Introduction - Nativity according to chocolate

Hymn - The voice of God goes out too all the world

Hymn - The Angel Gabrial from Heaven came (Bethany Haigh)

Reflection - Joseph by Ian Cowie

Hymn - Away in a manger

Reflection - Mary by Lisa Debney

Choir - Shepherds, loud their praises singing (Alec Rowley)

Reflection - Shepherd by Lisa Debney 

Men's Choir - We three Kings

Reflections; King - Wisdom (Hay & Stardust) 

King - Stars (Hay & Stardust) 

King - Anticipation (Hay & Stardust) 

Hymn - Calypso Carol

Prayers of Intercession 

Hymn - Come and join the celebration

Reflection - Don't wait for an angel (A word in season)

Words of Mission & blessing

Organ Voluntary

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