3rd May 2015

Worship Group

Matthew Page (Self Help Africa)

Welcome and Notices

Call to worship (Carol Marsh)

Hymn 114 – Let all the world in every corner sing

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer  (Michael Littlewood)

Family Time

A word to the children (Michael Littlewood)

Hymn 41 - For the beauty of the earth

Offertory & Dedication.

 (Children leave at this point for their own departments)


Bible reading: Mark Ch 6 v 30 to 44 (page 1009) (Rachel Wetherill)

Hymn 647 – In Christ there is no east or west

Talk about “Self Help Africa” (Matthew Page)

Hymn 474 – Brother, sister, let me serve you


Prayers of intercession (Sally Speight)

Children return to report on the work they have been doing.

Hymn 579 - Lord thy Church on earth is seeking



Organ Voluntary 



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