17th July 2016

Rev. Janine Atkinson

Longcauseway Church, Dewsbury 


Notices & Family Time

Opening Words

Hymn – 367: I want to walk with Jesus Christ

A Prayer of Praise

Offertory and Offertory Prayer

Bible Reading: Luke 10: 38 - 42

Theme Introduction

Hymn –Sitting at the feet of Jesus

(Tune: 413 – What a friend)

Children leave for their own activities


Bible Reading: Genesis 18: 1 - 10


Hymn – 371: Take my life and let it be

Holding the world in prayer

Hymn – 453: Let us talents and tongues employ

Welcome to The Lord’s Table

The Invitation

The Story of the Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Prayer

The Peace

Offering Prayer

Breaking the Bread, Blessing the Cup and distributing the Bread and Wine

Prayers After Communion 

Hymn – 529: Light of the minds that know him

(Tune: Aurelia – 566)


Words of Mission and blessing


Organ Voluntary


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