I've been experimenting.

It needs some work on the settings, but there are 2 different audio feeds for this week's recording. See if you can spot the changes. For your additional delight and delectation here's an extra bonus track for you. Mr John Hall on the mighty wurlitzer.


Sunday 31st July 2016

Joint SPACE Service

Rev. Mark Robinson

& Joseph Hartley




Call to Worship - Isaiah 41:13 - Joseph

Hymn - 104 : Praise my soul the King of heaven

Prayer of Approach & The Lord's Prayer - Mark

Family Time - Harry

Introduction to the theme - Joseph

Hymn - 289 : To God be the Glory


Reading - Matthew 14 : 22-33

Activity - Joseph

Reflection - Mark (I've had to cut part of this out. The background music drowned out the sermon)

To follow the theme of the service, I'm terrified by the mixing desk and sound sytem, it has a mind of it's own 

Prayer - Mark

Hymn - 308 & 309 : Spirit of the Living God



Reading : Psalm 23

Reflection - Joseph (Again at the beginning Joseph is drowned by the Harp)

I've had a play around and inserted the audio from another file, it makes Joseph a lot clearer. 

Prayer - Mark

Hymn - 39 vv 1, 2, 3 & 7 : All creatures of our God and King

Prayers of Intercession - Mark

Hymn - 34 : Holy, holy, holy



Organ Voluntary


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