Saturday June 22nd.
The afternoon of our Sunday School Bicentennial Anniversary. We had planned for months and sent out over one hundred invitations to former Sunday School scholars. Present church people had been invited; the news paper had run an article; the catering committee had laid on a great spread.
Twenty minutes to 2:00pm. I stood in the large meeting room. Would we recognise anyone? What would we talk about? Would anyone turn up? By 2:00pm the room was full of tea drinkers and the noise was as if a flock of starlings had descended on Longcauseway Church. People greeted old friends, news was being exchanged, photographs exclaimed over.
At 2:30pm we went into church for a service. Michael and Paul led the service and Gemma represented the present Junior church as she led our prayers. Susan Davies read the lesson. David played old children's hymns and Ian did the supporting graphics. The service was informal and reflective, reminding us of the importance of sound Christian Teaching for the young in our care.
Tea was at 3:30pm, and very good it was.
Quotes from members included;
"I don't go to church now but what I learnt in Sunday School has stood me in good stead all my life”
"I'm so glad I came. It's good to revisit your roots and meet up again with old friends"
"I have felt so happy this afternoon"
Well so did I! Many thanks to all involved.
Pam H
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